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Know your rights

Know your rights. Know what is yours and what rightfully belongs to you. Freedom of Speech and Right to Information are your weapons use them.

Know your duties

Know what your duties towards the nation. Know what is expected from you and what can affect the nation.

Go beyond

Think of what you can do for the nation and what can you give back to the nation. If you think its not right, set it right.

State-wise list of Chief Electoral Office Websites

My first Vote

Register yourself and Vote in the next elections. If you are residing in a place other than your own native place, you can update your records.


In India and want to register for the first time : http://eci-citizenservices.nic.in/frmForm6New.aspx

Right to Information Act

Recently I came across a video about RTI. It was 44 mins long. So I had to postpone watching the video 4 times. I thought it is better to put down the important notes from the video, so that at-least lazy people like me can know the gist in few minutes. These are just my observations from the video . Please visit RTI site for the authentic data.

Question 1 : What is RTI?
Answer : RTI is an acronym of Right To Information.


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There is lot of tinkering that needs to be done. We need to build a problem solving society. Go ahead start Tinkering..


Use the Technology

We have been the IT background of the world for quite some time now. Now its time to use this in our own backyard..


The clock is ticking

The clock is ticking. We thought by 2020 we would be a super-power. Today we are on the verge of a bankruptcy. Atleast 2030?..


Keep it Rolling

Keep it Rolling. There is a lot of change that is taking place. There is awareness being created among the people. We just need to keep it Rolling..

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