Karnataka Election Results

Citi Id Citi Name Party Name Candidate Name Votes Recieved
153 Yeshvanthapura Indian National Congress S.T.SOMASHEKAR 120,380
153 Yeshvanthapura Janata Dal (Secular) T.N.JAVARAYI GOWDA 91,280
153 Yeshvanthapura Bharatiya Janata Party HL KRISHNAPPA 12,747
153 Yeshvanthapura Bahujan Samaj Party NARASIMAIAH 1,315
153 Yeshvanthapura Janata Dal (United) M.K. PASHA 1,183
153 Yeshvanthapura Independent SP SOMASHEKAR 1,126
153 Yeshvanthapura Independent SEETHARAMU 682
153 Yeshvanthapura Independent S NAGENDRA 506
153 Yeshvanthapura Independent RAJAMMA 433
153 Yeshvanthapura Lok Jan Shakti Party SOMASHEKAR N 431




There is lot of tinkering that needs to be done. We need to build a problem solving society. Go ahead start Tinkering..


Use the Technology

We have been the IT background of the world for quite some time now. Now its time to use this in our own backyard..


The clock is ticking

The clock is ticking. We thought by 2020 we would be a super-power. Today we are on the verge of a bankruptcy. Atleast 2030?..


Keep it Rolling

Keep it Rolling. There is a lot of change that is taking place. There is awareness being created among the people. We just need to keep it Rolling..

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